Are you willing to make businesses with
Laboratorios Larrasa? 


The activities of Laboratorios Larrasa can be tremendously harmful to your business. 

This group of companies maintains very significant debts with financial entities, investment funds, suppliers, clients and is even being investigated for a possible crime of money laundering and tax fraud.

They may seem trustworthy, but believe us, you have to be very careful with these people.

The people you see in these images are being investigated for various crimes in the courts of Spain and Brazil. Many companies have been affected by their practices and non-payments, which reach millions of dollars.

At first he may seem like an honest and innovative professional, but behind that friendly facade, there is another intention. And your business can be seriously damaged.

This is an ALERT for all companies that are contacted by José Larrasa, Angela Lacombe or any other person on behalf of the LABORATORIOS LARRASA group. If you decide to develop some type of collaboration with this business group, you run the risk of:
  • Suffer a significant non-payment for services provided or goods delivered.
  • Suffer a severe damage to your reputation. 
  • Suffer the theft of your intellectual property or your technical or scientific knowledge.
  • Suffering the theft of your personality and your own image, in commercial documents or even in contracts.